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About the Photographer


Over the past 22 years I have been taking photographs of nature in hopes of telling a narrative story. The landscapes and wildlife in my photos were created to providing viewers with a brief escape from the day-to-day, helping them enjoy all things great and small. Dream, hope and remember.


I am a self-taught photographer and have always believed that it is not the size of your camera but the size of your heart when you really love something you do.


I am inspired by my Kayak trips, hikes, and my overall love for the outdoors. Some of my favorite times of the day are sunrise and sunset. Photos are taken locally here on the seacoast, bays, estuaries, ponds, gardens and forests. Also, NH mountains. I am also an avid cyclist, and my camera is always with me. "Bea's necklace" as I'm always teased!!


I am a native of NH and reside here with my husband and dogs who are not far from my side.


I hope while visiting my site it brings back memories of nature for you

~ B

Bea's photos have been featured on channel 9 news day in the life, Exeter Patch, 5-time Contest winner in online magazine, Great Bay photo contest winner. Her work has been shown at Exeter hospital and has made custom residential pieces for clients.

Questions? Comments? Give me a shout!



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Note: All photos are copyrighted and can not be used without permission. If you would like access to any photos please contact me directly.

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